Meaning of Generosity

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Hindi Ki Bindi- Hindi Website having  online mythical scripts, Thoughts on Hinduism


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Our Great Indian Culture- Satya Naryan Katha

Hindi Ki Bindi- Online Hindi Learning Website for all age of Indian PeopleOnline Hindi Website of mythical hindi books- Hindi Ki Bindi

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you are for the Lord, not for other,you are for the Lord and so for other

For More reading and purchasing these mythical books on Hindu religion Please visit: Online Hindi Website of mythical hindi books- Hindi Ki Bindi

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Hindi For all Indians !!!!!!

Dear Friends !
We are very Happy to say that we have introduced a new Web site for indians who want to teach hindi to their kids, they can also read mythical books on hindutva and can send their comments to us, also they can prompt this website for our Great Indian culture.Hindi Ki Bindi- Online Hindi Learning Website for kids

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Hinduism for all Hindus

Online Hindi Website of mythical hindi books- Hindi Ki Bindi
you are for the Lord

not for other,

you are for the Lord

and so for other,

Sri.Sri. Thakur

Manas Prasag Vyakhya by Ashwini Kumar Awasthi
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Hindi website to teach Hindi to Childrens

Hindi Website For all age of peopleFriends If you have internet connection and you want to teach hindi to your kids, you can visit this website  having lots of material for  every age of people . You will really appreciate this  approach.

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A Portal to promote Hindi Language and our Great Culture

Hindi PortalIn our quest, to bring Hindi Speaking People closer to each other, we are aiming to provide a platform, so that they can share their thoughts in their mother tongue. We are losing our values and our children are confused, most of the times, sandwiched between our past and their present. They don’t get chance to interact with each other in hindi. At our homes we try to teach them our values our culture but they don’t get chance on day to day basis to interact, to experiment, to evaluate and to share with their peer group. And then Hindi instead of becoming a common thread between children of people of Indian origin….remains one more difficult subject for them.

There is no harm in learning different languages for knowledge and development and above all for livelihood, at the same time one should not forget our ancestors, civilization and cultural values. There is nothing wrong in adopting good cultural values from others but the biggest loser of our confusion is our children. Many times we call them…. ABCD- America Born Confused Desi. They are being addressed as ABCD for no fault of theirs, probably they never got chance to learn the values from their ever busy parents.

It is with this objective, we have decided to launch this site to bring together our Hindi knowing people, providing them a common linguistic platform, so that their children can learn Hindi and our Indian cultural values.

This site is dedicated not only to promote hindi language but also to ensure that our children regard the values of our culture. The site is managed by Infinity group and its well wishers committed to promote Hindi language on the internet.

Our audience is mostly made up of Hindi speaking and loving people, from all corners of the world, who are afraid of their children getting astray by “Hi and Hello” by welcoming our efforts. Initially, we will provide online learning environment for children up to V Standard. The contents will be updated regularly through the feedback of user community. We hope, our efforts will be widely appreciated.

We will keep the community well informed of our Indian Festivals and their importance. We also propose to provide tips for happy and ideal life through our traditional methods.

Efforts are being made to include “Cooking Made Easy” as a regular column, to address the gigantic problem of COOKING by way of suggesting simplest way through “Sheo Dulari Ki Kalam Se”. Every month some new articles on “Cooking Made Easy” will be published in this column.

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