Hindi Portal

Hindi Portal

Hindi Portal is New site launched by Infinity-Ventures. In quest, to bring Hindi Speaking People closer to each other, we are aiming to provide a platform, so that they can share their thoughts in their mother tongue. We are losing our values and our children are confused, most of the times, sandwiched between our past and their present. They don’t get chance to interact with each other in hindi. At our homes we try to teach them our values our culture but they don’t get chance on day to day basis to interact, to experiment, to evaluate and to share with their peer group. And then Hindi instead of becoming a common thread between children of people of Indian origin….remains one more difficult subject for them.
There is no harm in learning different languages for knowledge and development and above all for livelihood, at the same time one should not forget our ancestors, civilization and cultural values. There is nothing wrong in adopting good cultural values from others but the biggest loser of our confusion is our children. Many times we call them…. ABCD- America Born Confused Desi. They are being addressed as ABCD for no fault of theirs, probably they never got chance to learn the values from their ever busy parents.
Visite: www.Infinity-Ventures.com/hindi


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  1. 2

    manish said,

    ha maa tumi muji vidha aur budhi daya

  2. 3

    Ravi Shankar said,

    my comment on this is that i like her video poem.

  3. 4

    rushabh said,

    Send me hindi poems which are crazy, funny and cool. Send me the funniest poems ever…………………………………..

  4. 5

    anant said,

    send me some poems pliz.i like this site

  5. 6

    surabh(Jayesh) said,

    send me good thaughts

  6. 7

    surabh(Jayesh) said,

    so nice , Plz send some good thaughts.

  7. 8

    Aarushi said,

    mast hai can eany body tellme that funny poems kahamilengi varna………………..chalo choro kal daat to padegi school me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 9

    isha said,

    i can’t say anythin did;nt find my stuff dude ……guys how do u like it???????!!!???

  9. 10

    kaviraj bhatt said,

    if i want showing my poem in your website,
    so this is possible or not

  10. 11

    YAGYA DUTT said,

    Good to know about hundi overall

  11. 12

    YAGYA DUTT said,

    Good to know about hindi overall

  12. 13

    kartik said,

    Hindi is best language

  13. 14

    send some funny poems

  14. 15

    Shlesha said,

    nice to see that still the feeling of love for MOTHERLAND is alive at some corner or bottom of the living hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 16

    Naman Trivedi said,

    All r very Good poems

  16. 17

    Naman Trivedi said,

    All r very Good poems.
    it’s awasome

  17. 19

    ildc said,

    हिंदी भाषा मे टाईप करना आसान है. http://www.ildc.in वेबसाईट पर जाकर फॉंट एवं किबोर्ड डाउनलोड करें. हिंदी भाषा का प्रयोग किजिए, हिंदी भाषा को आगे ले जाइए.

  18. 20

    kirti said,

    its just yuk what i mant i din’t find it here

  19. 21

    Good great you are excellent I though than it would be some of the stupid results but I was wrong.wow that excellent .i can not tell
    Fabulas marvelous excellent mind blowing blasting superb
    By the great Harshit Jha ,you don’t know he is great ,compliment by him is a big bang

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